Vodafone Global Enterprise

  • All together so much more

    Vodafone’s Total Communications solutions can bring together all of the people, places and things in your enterprise, unlocking hidden value and delivering so much more for you and your business.

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  • Meet your network demands

    Deliver the network capabilities your organisation demands! Take advantage of fixed, mobile and converged network capabilities to meet your growing connectivity needs now and in the future.

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  • Panasonic is a Ready Business

    Panasonic decided to unify its communications landscape across Europe to create a consistent, transparent telephony experience for their employees.

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  • Vodafone to introduce wireless services in the US

    December 11, 2014 - Vodafone Americas today announced plans to introduce wireless services for multinational customers operating in the United States.

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  • EMC is a Ready Business

    By consolidating fixed and mobile connections across 20 countries, EMC are able to drive savings, optimisation and control over their global communications estate.

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  • We help you manage your costs

    It's easy to stay in control of your communications costs. We'll give you full visibility of your global assets - with simple, predictable, cost-effective price plans from a single supplier.

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We can help you achieve better ways of working

Enterprise communications solutions to help you work smarter – today, tomorrow and in the future.

Operational Agility

Better operational agility

By connecting together your organisation and places across the globe, our solutions help you realise economies of scale and simplify your supplier arrangements. You can understand your communications infrastructure better, gain more impact from your business applications and ensure your business is built on firm connectivity foundations.

You can outsource support services and focus on your core activity. And when all your business locations are connected, your enterprise will be empowered to be all together more agile and competitive.

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Connected Employees

Better connected employees

We can help connect together your employees and raise their motivation by providing the communications and IT tools they need and appreciate. Unified communications and flexible working solutions help them collaborate better and work across teams and borders. We can allow them to work almost anywhere, while preventing cost overruns and security breaches.

We can also enable you to move to new operating systems or device ownership models when it makes sense for your business. So that when all your employees are seamlessly connected they will be empowered to deliver all together more.

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Customer Engagement

Better customer engagement

Our approach to communications doesn’t just centre on systems that do things faster, better or cheaper. It’s also about using technology to drive true competitive advantage by totally connecting together the physical and virtual assets across your enterprise.

So we can help you improve your business processes, create new products and services and use new data sources to develop deeper customer insights and relationships. When all your customer channels and things are connected and working together, you can unlock hidden value and offer your customers all together more.

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